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Going clear short film

This Going clear short film was the final new wave film. For this idea my group that filmed the tripy mask film and character opening project decided to come together and come up with a parody to the first mask film, as well as including the character opening, this was because we didn’t come up with a new idea and we liked the idea of the masks concept.

For this project Seb was in charge of the cinematography so I was just acting. We were very fortunate to use the new dolly in which we got very interesting shots with, we also used the gel lights just like the first masks film to keep an underlying theme.


Improvements and feedback:

All in all I think this final film went quite well there was a lot of good things about it like the use of the dolly shots, these shots enabled us to give a sense of time passing and the gel lights set a really creepy feel. The story was put together quite well you could understand what it was about.

There were a couple of things I didn’t like about this and it was mostly to do with the shots. I think we over used the dolly as some of the shots where Kira is talking we didn’t need some tracking shots, it would of been better either to have a static shot or having close ups, I also feel like the other actors could have had more to say otherwise it seems pointless for them to be there. Other than these points over all it worked well and the audience enjoyed it as well.


Ideas for FMP


For my final major project I’m thinking of making a music video, as this will challenge me to use my skills and knowledge of videography and editing, I’m hoping to create a story in which the audience can follow but also relating to the lyrics of the song.

For this project I want learn new and complicated camera and editing techniques to show the creativity of my work and that I can achieve complicated techniques. For this music video I have decided to make it a POV because then I can be in full control of what the viewer sees.

The reason why I’m creating a music video is because music videos are a great way to experiment with camera techniques and editing software and these are the two main things I wan’t to specialize in.

This is Devin Graham he’s an American videographer who produces adventure and extreme sport videos on YouTube under the name devinsupertramp. His channel has more than 4.5 million subscribers and over 915 million total views. He’s a big inspiration as he is always trying to get the perfect shot for his videos and the creativity of his videos are very unique and one of a kind.

Image result for devinsupertramp 99 Percent lifestyle 24 July 2017



This is a picture of one of the Maldives islands and it’s inspired me because this is where I’m going on holiday but also where I would like to shoot my music video because of the beautiful beaches and wildlife that’s their, it also reminded me of a music video where somebody put on a VR headset and they ended up in a paradise resort and this is what I want to recreate but in my own unique way.

Image result for maldives Mr and Mrs Smith 17 May 2017


As I’m going to the Maldives I had a look as some of reviews about the place to help me understand what happens there and what kind of activities are there, this will also help me plan out the shots so that when I come to a certain activity I am prepared for shooting. “The most memorable part is the snorkeling tour is awesome! We get to see dolphins and swim with HUGE turtle in the ocean, what a beautiful island and I’m planning to visit again!” Virgin Holidays 28 Feb 2018

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 14.55.25.png BBC earth 27 September 2017

This picture is of the BBC series ‘Blue planet 2’ and this helped me make up my mind of what I want to be filming. I have a great passion in filming animals as I find them very intriguing and fun to work with and I know that I will be filming a lot of the wild life in the Maldives.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 15.00.25.png Planet earth 2 October 24 2016

One again I chose a BBC series ‘planet earth 2’ as this shot inspires me to capture shots like this because not only does it look great it must of been a challenge to get this shot and I do like a challenge.

I really want to explore a lot with editing because I want my video to be creative and not some standard cut to cut video. I want to learn how to create sequences that look like it’s all done in one shot and to learn how to use after effects so I can create some new and creative effects.

The Impact I want this music video to have is to tell people the beauty of the earth and that we must preserve it’s beauty and wildlife. To do this I will be shooting a lot of the wildlife that lives their.

My GoPro gave me a lot of inspiration as they’re great action cameras, they have been the go to camera when filming high intensity action sequences, I have a lot of experience with this camera as I own one and I have recently brought the new one and therefor I’m excited to use it and experiment with it.

I think it’s necessary for me to make an music video because i can then show off my creative skills with camera’s and editing software. The reason why I want to show off these skills is because I’m hoping this will make me stand out when it comes to work opportunities. My end goal is to work with the wildlife documentary production companies like the BBC filming series such as Planet Earth, but at the moment I would really like to work with promotional companies so that I can learn and fine tune skills and knowledge.


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( Maldives review) https://www.virginholidays.co.uk/holiday/maldives?departureDate=26-03-2018&duration=7&gateway=LON&room=a2,i0

(Blue Planet 2) www.youtube.com/watch?v=_38JDGnr0vA

(Planet earth 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8aFcHFu8QM

Researching New wave film technique


In my last project the ‘character opening’ in post I decided to edit my clips and to have it as an split screen movie, where there are multiple clips put together on one screen, to showing multiple things happening at once. The reason why I done this is because I thought it would built up the suspense for the car journey and it would be great to experiment with it, also the idea of the project is to build up the character’s entrance and I feel as if I have done that.

The problems I had with doing the split screen was that the footage kept moving around the screen so you can’t get a clear picture of what’s going on and to remove this problem I think having the camera as stable as possible would massively improve this, as well as this was my first time doing it some I didn’t really know how to pull it off properly and to solve this I will need to look at some YouTube videos to help guide me through the processes.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 09.38.00.png

Split screening is a great way to show two more things happening at once, this can be from introducing two characters at once or showing a journey a character is making.  This new way of projecting images first started in the 1890s. “Early uses, like Edwin S. Porter’s 1903 film Life of an American Fireman, showed thoughts of the main character”. (MICHAEL MAHER)

This video is a montage of some movies that have split screen in them

Marco Heiter published 2011




British new wave

The British new wave started in the 1950s and was in part called “the kitchen sink” dramas because we would see a journey of emotions a charter would take. With the influence of neo – realism; British movies captured the day to day life of the working class people and the struggles they go through. By creating these dramas it meant that majority of Britain’s would watch them because they were relateable to the audience.

Directors such as ken Loach wanted to show the diversity of the UK. He made dramas such as Cathy come home and Kes as well as working creating pieces with the BBC. Cathy come is about a family that becomes homeless and whom are searching for a new home and is set in a documentary style. This movie proved to quite well know because the actors are just ordinary working class people and it shows what life is like for them.