On going research DOLLY

For my FMP I aim to use the dolly for some of the shots in the bedroom, I have had some experience using it and I feel quite confident to operate it, however I’m doing research which will help me understand what shots look good with the dolly and without.

By having the dolly I aim to capture shots that make the audience draw themselves in and emphasis with the character, by capturing the characters emotions and actions, also by having a dolly it allows me to capture smooth movement shots which will make it look professional.

Quick lesson on dolly and zoom.

In this video it briefly explains the difference with dolly and zoom shots and how they can alter a certain mood. At 2:25 they explain that a dolly shot can either lead or make the audience leave a situation and for my film I want the audience to leave a situation with the character.


In this scene the dolly is constantly being used to move into each of the characters faces. This has a great affect on the audience because it’s drawing them in and it’s making the audience feel the character’s emotions, the music also has a great affect as it’s keeping up the suspense and it’s slowly building up to where there’s a jump scare.



In this video one of my favourite YouTubers Devin Graham explains how Steven Spielberg uses the dolly shot in Jurassic Park to trigger off an event.



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  2. Insidious scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGT87k_CVJ0 published July 3 2011 by G4FFN3Y
  3. Devin Graham: www.youtube.com/watch?v=elZEqumNsUE&t=371s published March 8 2018 by Devin Graham

Location scouting


As I was using my holiday for my FMP I only had a couple of days to plan and shoot.

Firstly I done some location scouting for places that I found quite natural and interesting to film.


This is one of the water bungalows that over looks the water. I plan to shoot inside because this will be the place where the young man stays.


This is the jetty thats connecting the bungalows to the land and this will be great to have because of the transition from blue to green. We see the sea fade from blue to white then to green.


This is main land and this shots got great natural symmetry which helps establish the vegetation on the island.


In this shot i plan to have this as the opening shot for the POV where the character is lying on the sun lounger looking up at the sun.


This will be great for B-roll footage of him exploring the island


More B-roll


I plan to have a time lapse of the sun going down.



In the bedroom this will be the beginning and the ending of the music video. The reason why I have chosen this bedroom is because it’s the smallest and it gives off a great representation of claustrophobic and it has a window with I can get a great shot of the character looking out of the window

Whats been happening and whats next

Whilst on easter break I went on holiday to the Maldives and I took the chance to film part of my FMP out there. I done this because this is my concept for my FMP where a young man transports himself from real world to virtual reality and I need a contrast from a dark and depressing setting to a vibrant and natural environment.


For the next couple of weeks I am going to concentrate on writing up my proposal and plan out the next sequences for my FMP, once this is done I will be doing researching into all the different editing techniques that I need to know for when I’m editing.

New Hollywood

Although Hollywood dominated the cinema they changed their old system to filming, this started in the 1950s, they changed their system because of the social and cultural factors.

The reason why they changed was because of the other new waves from Europe, Hollywood saw the change and saw the new types of audiences and new cultures that came with it. By having these new audiences, films that Hollywood were releasing were becoming more controversial and films like Bonnie and Clyde and Easy rider were considered the start of new hollywood. Due to the new waves there were a lot of young enthusiastic directors who were able to create great narrative stories, there was a lot more freedom for the directors to be more creative with their work and therefor they could become auteurs of films.

Films like Jaws directed by Steven Spielberg were a great hit due to the new way of filming and this brought in large amounts of audiences and will be a film that will last for ever.