Reflection of TV pilot

This TV pilot task was actually quite fun to make as it enabled us to use our skills that we had learnt from the previous year, so when it came to filming we knew what shots we wanted and how to set them up.

Pre production:

Pre production wasn’t as stressful as i thought it would be as we managed to separate our research tasks which made planning quicker and less time consuming. With Nathan being our director and writer he told us what kind of style he wanted it to be and how the actors should be dressed and what locations we should use, with this in mind we all set out and researched our own stuff, as I was DOP I looked at different films such as Lock stock and two smoking barrels and films that had Danny dyer in them. These films have a unique look to them and show the true grittiness of London and this is the sort of image Nathan wanted to perceive. In these types of films the camera is quite up close and personal when the person is talking and they have quite a lot of FPV shots to immerse the view when watching.


When it came to shooting the TV pilot we wasn’t as prepared than we should have been as some people started to forget their lines or they would start smiling and laughing which wasted time and energy, this was with both the ally way and poker scenes. After looking back at some of the footage we should of got more of a variety of shots as this would help in editing and also we would cut the footage too soon which made editing harder. However the shots that we’ve managed to produce are very professional and cinematic which i”m very pleased about.

Post production:

Editing this TV pilot brought a bit of stress as it could be edited in so many different ways so trying to produce one that fitted the style of Nathan’s idea was quite tricky. My edit is quite like a Tarantino film where key frames and cross cutting is being used to show two different times. I am very pleased with the colour grade as it has a cold and dull feel to it which reflects on the background surroundings.

Interview with Doug Allan


Doug Allan is a freelance wildlife and documentary cameraman who films both topside and underwater. His equipment includes Sony PMW 200camera and Canon stills cameras with housings for both.

Born in 1951 in Scotland, he graduated with an honours degree in marine biology from Stirling University in 1973. On completion of his degree, he decided that science at the sharp end wasn’t quite where he sought to be. Underwater anywhere became the drive and for the next three years he worked on a wide range of diving jobs. He searched for (and found) freshwater pearls in the rivers of Scotland. Commercial diving in Germany involved underwater video work and rebuilding canals. Twice he assisted with research on marine biological expeditions with Cambridge University in the Red Sea. And in the summer 1975 he ran the Bouley Bay Underwater Centre in Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Since then, he has returned frequently to both the poles, with a string of high profile award winning films and series for the major TV networks worldwide. In contributing to The Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Life, Human Planet and Frozen Planet, he has made over 70 filming trips, including orcas attacking gray whales off California, polar bears trying to capture belugas in a frozen hole in Arctic Canada, and killer whales washing seals off ice floes in Antarctica – all on screen firsts.

TV productions DOP

TV pilot professional practice research task


Planet Earth 1 and 2 in my view is one of the best documentaries and visually pleasing videos to watch.

Director of photography Doug Allan who shot Planet earth produced some of the best scenes that have never been filmed before and this captured the interest of the audience as they had never seen a natural event like this before.

Doug Allen is a Scottish wildlife filmmaker and has worked on Planet earth, Blue planet and Earth, which are all award-winning documentaries. He is so good at what he does because he gets stuck in when filming he’s not afraid to take risks and being a professional scuba diver he’s in his element when filming in water.

Team super tramp is a YouTube team that makes short films however their work is very creative and it does captivate the audience.

 Devin Graham the videographer and DOP produces some very exciting videos which are mostly extreme sports but also parodies of films or games and the way he runs around trying to get the best shot for the video is quite inspiring as he shows real passion to get the perfect shot.


Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 14.16.18.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-03 at 14.17.25.png

VICE This company has produced some of the weirdest but interesting documentaries as they explore the lives of some of the people going through hard times or are in war. Their documentaries are very diverse and they kick up a lot of controversy because they discover different cults or beliefs that some people don’t like. As a company, they have different DOP but their overall visual interpretations of the world is very raw and the don’t sugar coat what they film or find.