Planning a short news project

I’am going to video random people answering 10 questions that i’v made and i’m going to record their responses and their answers. I will be filming in London as i think it’ll give a more diverse range of people to ask because loads of different people come to london and it will be a lot interesting to see to different people’s responses and answers.


10 questions to ask people:

  1. Why are you in London
  2. What is your favourite place in London to eat
  3. Where have you come from to get to London
  4. How often do you travel to London
  5. What do you think can Improve London
  6. What’s your favourite landmark in London
  7. What’s your favourite shop in London
  8. What county is London in
  9. How did you get to London (travel)
  10. What part of London haven’t you been to


What to think about whilst making this report:

We have to take in consideration if people want to be filmed or not, we need their permission and permission to film in London, as this can be seen as breaking people’s privacy, so I will need to ask the local council for permission to film.

We need to make sure we aren’t obstucting people’s way when filming as this can cause conflict with the public and disrupt our filming