Reflecting on my VOX pop

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My VOX pop

I was quite happy with my vox pop and turned out quite successful, However it wasn’t how I wanted it to plan out.

I had planned my vox pop to be in London where I would interview random people in London, I hadn’t actually planned where i was going to go in London, what questions i was going to say, what people i was going to interview.

I text Conor O’Hagan to say if wants to come up to London and film the Vox pop as I knew he wanted to film in London, whilst on the train i made up ten questions, I met him at London Victoria and we went to Regent Street and we then set up and got everything ready I had also brought a microphone


that can clip on to the interviewee so that i could get clear audio of the interviewee talking, however when we heard the audio after there was nothing to hear so the audio was lost.

With a week left to film and edit I had nothing so i decided to bring to my camera to college and get people in my class to answer the questions that I made. I interviewed at least ten people with a zoom microphone that the college supplied as i knew these were very trust worthy, but when i started editing like last time i had no audio so i had to restart everything again,  this time i had only interviewed four people but everything was ok including the audio. As my VOX pop was very short i had to make it enjoyable so i added humour to it because it was gonna be boring if i hadn’t done the close ups and photoshops of people.

The questions that I would say to people are “would you rather” questions, these questions have a two answers reply which the interviewee has to pick for example “would you rather have a dog OR a cat” the interviewee has to pick either a dog or a cat. I got the idea from a Youtube Calfreezy as he had done this with his friends.


From this experience I have learnt a lot. I have learnt that I have to make a good plan because without this Its very hard to make things work if you don’t know what your doing on the day so thats why a plan is essential. I’ve also learnt to test equipment before hand rather than using it straight away, this will make things less stressful on the day and you know that the equipment will work. Lastly the most important thing is to not leave everything last minute its best to go and do it straight away other wise you end up stressing about the time frame and you may not have completed what you intended to do.

The good things about this experience was the rule of third, it was used well and met the brief, the questions were quite good as well they were interesting as you wanted to find out what option the interviewee chose, lastly i thought the humour of my VOX pop was good because it made everybody laugh. The bad things about this experience was the audio not working properly and therefore having to restart twice to get the final cut, I also think the VOX pop should of been longer because it did’t meet the brief and lastly the setting where i filmed should of been improved as it was very boring.


Looking back on my VOX pop i now understand the difficulty that comes when filming. I thought the plan to go to London was a great idea however i didn’t think that interviewing people would be so hard, me and Conor O’Hagan asked loads of people if they were willing to spare some time for us but we only managed to get three people to ask, so for proper film crews this must be a big pain when people refuse to spare some time for them.




Vox Pop update

On Saturday me and Conor went to London to film our Vox Pop, however there was some problems with audio and getting people to answer our questions.

Come Monday and Conner has his clips and audio to edit, but i have to film so i can ask different questions and edit with a limited time frame. I started filming and found out that something went wrong with the audio so now i have no audio which means i need to re-shoot everything again.

Update- audio

I’m thinking of getting some new audio equipment for my interview and other tasks.

I don’t have a big budget so I’m looking for something that’s cheep yet good quality. I have looked at Rode as they create great good audio equipment how ever they are quite expensive, I am also not sure what microphone to buy which will deliver the best audio that I need, I looked at a microphone to go on top of the camera but I thought that it wouldn’t pick up audio from far away so I looked at getting a boom pole as well but I would also have to buy an extended cable so that I can record the audio.

Planning a short news project

I’am going to video random people answering 10 questions that i’v made and i’m going to record their responses and their answers. I will be filming in London as i think it’ll give a more diverse range of people to ask because loads of different people come to london and it will be a lot interesting to see to different people’s responses and answers.


10 questions to ask people:

  1. Why are you in London
  2. What is your favourite place in London to eat
  3. Where have you come from to get to London
  4. How often do you travel to London
  5. What do you think can Improve London
  6. What’s your favourite landmark in London
  7. What’s your favourite shop in London
  8. What county is London in
  9. How did you get to London (travel)
  10. What part of London haven’t you been to


What to think about whilst making this report:

We have to take in consideration if people want to be filmed or not, we need their permission and permission to film in London, as this can be seen as breaking people’s privacy, so I will need to ask the local council for permission to film.

We need to make sure we aren’t obstucting people’s way when filming as this can cause conflict with the public and disrupt our filming