Evaluation on “this is me” project



1.Give a brief description of your proposal, your intentions and the avenue you were going to explore.

My proposal was to make a music video about me and what I do during the week. I planned to film it in both first and third person to give a  unique view on how I see things. I would make Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the same as they were the days I went to college and to have Thursday, Friday and the weekends to be different as they are my days off. I would use the song “the reducer” by The Manor as my piece of music.

2.Was your proposal ambitious enough and did it give you enough scope to be able to develop a personal project?

My proposal was fairly ambitious as I was planning to have loads of different shots that represented me and the audience would be able to understand who I was from these shots.

3.If there are changes, ensure that you discuss them and reasons in this opening paragraph.

I did have to change my proposal as the original music I was going to use, was “lovesick” by Mura Masa featuring ASAP Rocky, this song didn’t really represent who I am and didn’t really make a whole lot of sense and was also quite slow past compared to the music I finally chose for my end video.



Describe the range of primary and secondary sources that you explored. What visual qualities and other information did you extract from them and how did this shape your exploration and idea development. How useful was your research for the development of your personal project?

I didn’t do much primary reaseach as I didn’t have enough knowledge on how to create a music video. However I did think who am I, what makes me who I am, so I chose all the things that I do during the week such as go to college, then go out with my mates on the weekend and this is what I wanted to make my video about.

I had to do a lot of secondary research for this project as I needed to learn colour grading and different types of transitions that were a bit more complex. To do this I went on youtube and looked up on how to colour grade, I tested out colour grading on a previous video and I was just testing the contrast and saturation levels

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 10.17.52.pngBefore colour grading

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 10.20.31.pngAfter colour grading

For the different transitions I didn’t have enough time to experiment so I just had to use basic transition of the quick zoom in, however it looks pixelated and you can see its poorly done.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 09.23.33.png(As you can see from this screen shot)

When watching the music video “the reducer” by the manor the clips seemed speed up so that it meets the same timing of the music, I incorporated this in my video because the certain clip would take too much time in the video. Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 11.18.52.png(this was the speed up clip)

  1. Did you select the most visually interesting sources to record and work from?

I chose to watch youtube tutorials on how to colour grade as they showed you step by step on how to do it and you can follow it whilst doing it at the same time. This is helpful as you can learn it quicker and you practically can’t get it wrong because your coping step by step.

2. Did you have to find further references as you developed your ideas?

I watched loads of different music videos to get some inspiration for transitions and footage to use for my video. I normally looked at hiphop and rape music as they have some of most creative music videos.

3.How did these help?

These music videos helped me understand how to transition from clip to clip whenever there’s a change in beat and to use quite dull colour grading depending on the mood of the music. I also found that switching quickly between each clips for a fast past piece of music helps to create a fast moving video.

4. Do think any additional references would have helped now you have completed your outcomes?

I think if I was to have an idea and plan earlier I could learn more transitions and effects and perfect them so that they would be in my video, this ultimately could of lead to a better video visual, as I would have more time to learn them.


Development of ideas:

1.In what ways did you develop your ideas?

I first had an idea of having a interview just like VICE did when they interview celebrities and up and coming stars.

They made it interesting as they would have B-roll of what the person does for a living playing whilst the interviewee was talking about their experiences etc.

2. Compare and contrast the successful and least successful. What have you learnt about the different ways that you can develop ideas?

I found out that Im quite good with picking the right music and music that fits the video. I also visually pictured the different scenes and how the video would flow in my head, however i didn’t really know how to put it on paper so did some quick sketches to help me think on where the camera would be etc. Things that were less successful was to think of a way to shorten the video so it reached the requirements and also the audience will understand what day Im doing a certain activity.

3. How did your work progress in the time you planned on your action plan?

My work didn’t progress as much I had only changed my music track as it didn’t have much relevance to me so I chose The reducer as it had more meaning to me and the pace of music flowed with flow of the music.

4. Did you manage your time effectively?

I did manage to use time effectively as I had plenty of to time shoot and also re-shoot and I edited my work without rushing it.

5. Was your action plan successful?

My action plan was very helpful because I knew what I was filming on what day, time to edit and when to reflect on my work.

Video feedback:

As people watched my video I looked around and saw that people were engaged whilst watching the video this suggests that they are enjoying it and it isn’t boring them which I will consider as good feedback. After watching the video I got a good response from the teacher as thought it was very engaging and enjoyable to watch.

Three people wrote down some feedback for me to say what I could of done to make it better.

(scans of the feedback sheet)




The first sheet is all positive things and they didn’t say anything bad about the video so this means that I done well with this video, they also thought that using a phone to film was good as its easy and convenient to use. The second feedback sheet sais the same sort of thing by having good editing and camera techniques, however they thought that I could of added more clips of the weekend which is understandable however the restricted time limit was maybe due to this. The last feedback sheet sais that the cuts went well with the music which is what I intended, but they said the editing could be better, things like transitions and having different effects to cut between clips.

From reading these feedback sheets I know where I need to improve on and I also I know what things I’m good at doing.



I have learnt a lot from this project and I have taken a lot from it. I’ve learnt to do some colour grading to improve the visual aspects of the video and I thought that I made a good story within the small amount of time that it needed to be in. I have realised that a lot of planning is needed to do a video or any project and research does help, by trying to plan everything in my head doesn’t work too well as you can’t really plan how to set up equipment etc. The next steps to help me improve my projects will be to plan intensely and try and perfect the plan, I will also do plenty of research to help me create cool editing techniques and video effects.


Planning – “This is me” Documentary first draft

What I’m proposing to do.

I’m planning to make this documentary about myself into the style of an interview and using regular cut scenes to show my past by using old photos and videos and speaking over the top of them to tell the story.

I got this idea from the media company VICE (Haidrani, 2016) and using inspiration from a few of their YouTube videos about people’s auto bibliography.


Haidrani, S. (2016) United Kingdom | the definitive guide to enlightening information. Available at: http://www.vice.com/en_uk (Accessed: 12 December 2016).

VICE (2016) Chef Rene Redzepi finds incredible flavors in the most unexpected places. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNz-hWPF_dY (Accessed: 12 December 2016).


From watching these auto bibliography videos, I liked the way the interviewee is being presented by the quick camera transition, it looks like the camera pans around the interviewee, also the text “autobiographies” is typed out as the same time as the piano keys are being played.

I also found that having a voice over on footage tells a story but we know that it’s still an interview as it switches from interview to footage and so forth. After watching a few other of the auto biographies they had a lot of different music and sounds in them to reflect someone’s emotions and personality.

I have learned from these videos that it’s a continues story they never go back its always progressing. This is what I want to happen with my documentary/ interview about me.

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.20.26.png

What I’m going to do

I’m going to film myself in the style of an interview and start telling my story of how I’ve got to where am now and then go on to say what I want to do in the future. I hoping to explain my past in a minute and then the other minute to explain the future.

The past:

When explaining my past I’m going to have footage of when I was a younger and explain what I was doing and what I was like. I’ll also get and interview of my mum and dad to get their perspective on me when I was younger.

The future:

In this part I’ll talk about where I want to be in the future, what career I want, car etc. I will do this by getting found footage of people at work and things that I want in the Future or try and create it if I don’t get the found footage.



  • House – filming interview’s of me and parents
  • Park – film my dogs
  • my car – filming my way to school