Planning the ” visitor”

My intentions:

My vision of the “visitor” is going to be different, its not going to be based on a humans perspective but of a dogs. I think that this will be a better way of describing a visitor because dogs think differently to humans.

The video is going to be about a dog that’s minding its own business and doing what it does whilst its owners have left the house then the dog has an encounter with a robber and we’re going to see how the dog will react to this encounter and hopefully understand a dogs perspective of the situation. Im going to use low angle shots and point of view shots because this will give the audience a better representation of what the dog does.

Visual codes:

I will set the “the visitor” at my house as this is where the dog will be living and where the robber will come. I will be using my bedroom, the upstairs landing, stairs, hallway, kitchen, garden and front garden. I will have my framing so that you can see the dog and see its actions. I will be getting natural light because i want to get the feeling that its morning and also i don’t have proper lighting equipment.


main character = Dog

Owner = Kim

Robber = Rod

Cameraman = Joe

Mise en scene:

Setting and props: middle class house, bedroom, landing, first floor stairs, hall way, kitchen, garden, front garden. Im going to use a bed, sofa, dog bowls, bags for props.

costumes: women’s work clothes, the robber is going to wear black hoodie, tracksuit bottoms, gloves.

Facial expression: the dogs face will have sad, concentrated, surprised, protective emotions. the robber will have a look of pain and anger.

lighting: natural morning light from the sun, comes from the windows, sunlight out in the garden.

positioning: i will have the dog centre of the frame to get the whole of the dogs body in frame when doing static filming, point of view will be on the dogs back and you’ll see the dog’s head and what its looking at.


Research for my video:

I got the idea of the dog being the main character from animal based movies such as “secret lives of pets” which is a animated film showing us what pets do whilst the owners are out however they over exaggerated for entertaining purposes. I also like the idea of the the film “cats vs dogs” because they use real life dogs to tell a story and also the film gives the dogs their prospective of cats. I liked the idea of having a point of view of the dog from a video where theres a camera filming on top of the dogs back of what the dog is looking, this gave me an idea of the audience feeling as if they are in the dogs shoes.


First scene

The first clip will show a picture of the sky and the title “The visitor” and birds will be singing in the background. The camera will be zoomed in on the sky then the camera will slowly zoom out and blinds will start to appear in frame and you will of entered the bedroom and the camera will pan left and down to where a dog is resting on the bed and the camera will be close to the dogs face.

Second scene

My next clip will be of the owner (Kim) leaving the house and closing the door behind them, shortly followed by a close up shot of the door being closed behind them. The camera will be the same hight as the actor/ owner and will be stationary when the owner is leaving, the  clip quickly followed by that will be a close up of the door closing.

Third scene

The next clip will show the dog getting of the bed and start walking out of the bedroom. The camera will be placed at a low angle and will be pointing towards the bed where the dog will jump off, the dog will then walk passed the camera where it will cut to the next scene.

Fourth scene

The fourth scene we will see the dog leave the bedroom and start to go downstairs. The camera will have a wide shot so you can see where the dog has come from and where its going.

fifth scene

After that scene will see the dog walk down the stairs and into the kitchen. I will place the camera far away so you can see the dog transitioning from the stairs to the kitchen, therefore it will be a wide shot.

Sixth scene

sixth scene the camera will be following the dog at a high angle towards the dog flap and then slowly dip down at dogs hight and video the dog going through the dog flap and the camera will stay there until the dog flap stops swinging.

Seventh scene

this scene the camera will be outside on the ground looking down the stairs at the dog flap, the dog will then come out of the dog flap and will walk up the stairs towards the camera but the dog will walk past the camera.

Eighth scene 

in this scene the camera will be looking into the sky, looking at the clouds, filming birds and wildlife in the garden because in the background there will be the noise of the dog defecting so this can tell the audience that the dog is going toilet without showing them.

Ninth scene

the ninth scene the dog will then walk back down stairs and back through the dog flap, the camera will be set up the same as scene 7

Tenth scene

this scene the camera will shoot the dog coming through the dog flap and follow the dog to the dog bowls and at a low angle the camera will film the dog drinking and eating. the camera will then track the dog walk into the living room but will stop at the door to get a wide angle of the dog jumping onto the sofa.

Eleventh scene

next scene we will see the robber (joe)  walk up the stairs and try and open the door. The camera will be inside the house in the living room and will track him coming up the stairs and zoom in on Joe’s hands trying to open the door.

Twelfth scene

In this scene the dog will be laying down on the sofa and will hear the robber (Joe) the dog will then jump up and run over to the window and start barking at the robber (Joe) through the living room window. The camera will track the dog running to the window and pan right so that you can see the dog barking at the robber (Joe).

Thirteenth scene

In this scene will see the dog jump of the sofa and run throughout he kitchen and through the dog flap. Im going to use a GoPro and place it on top of the dog’s back for a point of view.

Fourteenth scene

We will see the dog run out of the dog flap and run round the corner and head towards the camera. The camera will be placed at the end of the path and will film a wide angle and the camera won’t move the dog will just run towards the camera.

Fifteenth scene

The dog will run round the conservatory and to the gate and will start barking at the robber (Joe). I will use the GoPro as a point of view as it will be on the dog’s back.

Sixteenth scene

The camera will be switched to the robber’s point of view of the dog barking at them and they will try and calm down the dog but it won’t work. I will be holding the camera as a point of view and i will bend down towards the dog and get a close up of the dog barking.

Seventeenth scene

will be a point of view of the dog biting the robber (Joe) when he’s trying to calm the dog down. I will use the camera as if it was the dogs eyes and lung the camera at the robber’s hand’s pretending to bit them.

Eighteenth scene

we will see the robber (Joe) run down the stairs. The camera will placed at the front of the door so you can get a wide angle and you can see whats going on, the camera will be stationary and will track the robber (Joe) go down the stairs.

Nineteenth scene

we will see the dog make sure the robber leaves and then the dog will go back inside. The camera will be a close up of the dog and will be stationary on the other side of the gate and the dog will walk back inside  and leave frame.

Lastly the credits