Ideas/influence: Movies that have possessed technology


I want to find out what kind of movies where technology has been possessed as this is the what will be important in my movie.

These are some of the movies that I’ve researched in which this happens

Demon Seed (1977)

The Tech: Home Security System & Computer

The Story: Based on an early novel by Dean Koontz, Demon Seed stars Fritz Weaver as Dr. Alex Harris, a scientist working on an A.I. system called “Proteus IV” that incorporates organic material. After escaping its human controllers, Proteus takes over Harris’ home-security system and decides that it wants to have a child, so it artificially inseminates his wife with genetically manipulated cells it took from her. Once it confirms that she’s pregnant, Proteus surrenders – leaving the couple to discover the horrifying truth of the their new “baby.”

The Lesson: Don’t bring your work home with you. It’s not fair to your family.



Poltergeist (1982)

The Tech: Television

The Background: The Freeling family moves into a California suburb, only to be terrorized by malevolent spirits haunting their home. The spirits initially make contact with the youngest daughter late one night via the family television set in the now-famous scene featuring five-year-old actress Heath O’Rourke announcing, “They’re here.”

The Lesson: Don’t let your kids stay up too late watching television.



Christine (1983)

The Tech: Car

The Story: A 1958 Plymouth Fury becomes eerily possessive of its teenage owner, and goes on a killing spree around town. This early John Carpenter film was based on a Stephen King novel, and while it features a few slight differences from the source material, it retains much of the same terror that will add a new dimension to long road trips when you find yourself talking to your car.

The Lesson: You know that oil change you’ve been putting off? Get it done. Now.



Marshall, Rick. “Technology Gone Bad: 15 Horror Movies To Make You Afraid Of Your Toaster”. Digital Trends. N.p., 2017. Web. 18 Apr. 2017.





SK film evaluation


Name   Project Stanley Kubrick Project – Production
Course Level 3 Diploma in Creative Media – Unit 4 and Unit 6 Date  
Self Evaluation

Individually write about the production experience

·      Title of the production

·      Space/location

·      Music

– How has your knowledge of SK’s work informed the way you developed your

idea for the project?

– How did the exploration of classical music guide you in creating images?

– What creative and technical choices did you make in developing your project?

– Did you managed to achieve what you expressed in your intention report or you improved


– What have you learned from this production?

– How was the feedback you received? What do you think about it?

– Has this project given you more insight into the development of a project which you could

use in your FMP?


The title of my video was called “Nightmare” as this is what the dog in the video was experiencing. I got the idea for this from when my dog was sleeping, she was twitching and making noises, this gave me the idea that she was having a nightmare and so I thought that making video of what a dog’s dream could be like would make a good narrative story.


The location for this was at the local park and I had previously researched this place when doing the symmetry project where I found a lot of symmetry with natural and man-made objects/structures. I thought that this location was quite good to use as it had symmetry and the dog knows the park very well and so it’s very connected to it.


The music that I used was “grass” by Silent partner. I used this piece of music as it had no copyright. The main reason was because classical music like Beethoven etc. To me they were too powerful for the video and would take the video out of context, I learnt this from my previous video “The visitor” the feedback that I got from that was the music was too overpowering and didn’t fit the video very well and this is what I took in consideration when making this video.


Stanley Kubrick’s work made me realise that you have to research and plan everything extensively, this is what I tried to do and I think in planning this went well as I chose the correct outfits and props, but when It came to filming I only took two or three shots and this resulted in continuity errors such as the tripod being in shot, the dog sitting in one shot then standing in the next; as well as it’s ball was in its mouth at one point and then the next shot it’s not, This shows that planning is crucial and is key to perfecting the perfect shot.

Researching the music for this was a bit difficult as I thought that the ones I was listening to where to overpowering for my video, I also wanted something that had no copyright because then you would be able to view on YouTube and there would be no issues with it, therefore using “grass” by silent partner it was quite subtle but had meaning and also had no copyright to it.


Reflection on editing:

In the editing stages of my video I had to research different transitions which I wanted such as the fade from one place to the other, I actually didn’t find what I was looking for so I experimented on how I could do it and it turned out quite well, also the part where we find out that the it was a dream I luckily came across this transition which made the dreamy blur effect and I was very pleased that I found it, because without it you wouldn’t have known that it was a dream.  Whilst watching the video the music changes and sounds un-natural, however most people didn’t notice this as drew their attention way by making a quick cut where the music went with it, I did this because the music was too long and I wanted the end of the track to close the ending shots.


I did achieve what I set out to do as you can see that it’s a dream and that déjà vu does happen, also people felt emotional when watching it which meant they were connected to it which is what I also wanted to happen. However, I think I could have done more to make it more visually pleasing and more Kubrick like by carefully thinking about composition and to change the settings on the camera so that I get the best picture possible, I should of took more care in editing as well as I could of shorten some shots.


From this production I have learnt to take more time in planning and research locations extensively so that it fits the narrative as this sets the mood and it draws in the audience. I should also take multiple takes because some can be better than others and it saves time if you took one take and have to re-shoot.


This Kubrick project taught me a lot because to produce a movie like Stanley Kubrick did take time and you need keen a for detail and that composition and everything that’s in shot is very important as this captivates the audience. I also learnt that classical music is great to create an atmosphere and can be used in all different types of situations.


Feedback for video:


First feedback: Nathan shanks


Good things: Composition is really good and music matches very well

Had a unique idea, both very photogenic, good camera work and very gripping


Areas for Development: the journey on the walk was long and there were repetitive shots


Influence for my own practice: would love to use my dog in a project if it was possible.


I think this feedback is fair and I agree that the shots were too long and I like that people would want to use animals in their projects.


Second feedback: Seb griffin


Good things: Good use of one-point perspective, good colour correction, good editing


Areas for development: the music gets a bit repetitive


Influence for my own work: use more one-point perspective


I think some of my one-point perspective shots were good and the colour correction was alright and was better than the original colour. I understand that the music gets repetitive but I thought that it fit the video quite well.




Third feedback: Jonathan Zold


Good things: the music was good, symmetry shots were good, liked the story / concept


Areas for development: none


Influence in my work: how to be friends with a dog, experiment with different locations

I think this was a good feedback as I didn’t get areas for development and they said they liked a lot about the video.


This project has helped me loads as it has taught me about one-point perspective and that this can visually make a shot more interesting. I now know that classical music can be used in many different ways and that it gives powerful meaning for a certain shots and can make a film connect to the audience.

I’m going to take these experiences into my FMP. I will take multiple shots and at different angles so that I can get the perfect angle for a certain scene, change the settings on the camera so it looks more professional when shooting, but most importantly plan plan plan all the shots and extensively as this will save time when coming to shooting the FMP.


Planning for the SK film

After thinking of which idea to use I have chosen idea three as I think this will be a way to dug on the hart strings on some people. I also thought that my last film that did went quite well and I know that I can work with dogs very well.


A dog is walking down an ally way with its owner and its enthusiastic to get in the park, They both enter the park and the owner throws the ball for the dog to fetch, after walking round and throwing the ball a couple of times the owner walks down this pathway where theres a bench at the end of the path way and then the owner kneels down to the dog, we don’t know what they say, the owner then gets up and ties the dogs lead round the bench and pins a note to the collar then walks off, the dog looking confused and distressed,the dog barks, but then the screen will go black and we’ll see the dog waking up from the dream and it’ll get up and find its owner and then snuggle up to the owner, next there will be a cut where the owner puts on the lead and collar for the dog and then the owner picks up the note which we saw earlier when they pin it to the dogs collar, then its goes black and titles start rolling.

Location research:


  1. Hailing park grove – is a park with beautiful flower beds and lovely seating areas and has a pond within a gated area, however there are a lot of dogs walkers that go here so filming would be hard.

screen-shot-2017-02-27-at-10-14-34Image result for haling grove park(Marathon, 2012)Image result for haling grove park(Chadwick, 2011)Image result for haling grove park(gatland, 2011)

2. Purley way playing fields – this place has a huge grass land and huge amount of land, but there is no bench or pathways

Image result for purley way playing fields(Marathon, 2012)Image result for purley way playing fields(Brown, no date)


Owner: I will we playing the roll of the owner as I know what is expected and it keeps the cost down and I know how to control the dog. The owner will be wearing walking boots, rough jeans, a white T-shirt and a thick jacket

Dog: I will also be using my dog for this role as she is very enthusiastic and I can get her t do things with no trouble. She is a staffishire bullterrier and is white with black spots

img_1665 The dog will wear a red collar and lead and will be fetching a green tennis ball.


  • dog collar and lead (red)

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 09.36.49.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-07 at 09.37.13.png

  • Ball thrower (orange)

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 09.42.05.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-07 at 09.41.35.png


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