Kubrick film Proposal


I have come up with the idea to make an emotionally film between a dog and its owner. We will see the dognap the owner seem to have a good relationship, but it turns to the worst when the owner does something unimaginable, however this will be all a dream in which the dog was dreaming about and will find reinsurance with the owner, but shortly after we see that the dream start to become true.

At first we will see the dog and the owner walking together towards the park, once they both enter the owner will start to play with the dog and the dog will throw the dog’s tennis ball for it. Shortly after we will see the owner and dog walk down a pathway where you see a bench at the end and when they reach the bench the owner will bend down hug and pin a note to the dog’s collar and then the owner will tie the dog to the bench and walk off. The dog will start barking and the barks will get louder and louder then all of a sudden the screen will go black and. We see that the dog woke up from a dream, the dog will then get up from where it was sleeping and find the owner to seek comfort, after this scene the next scene will be the owner getting ready to take the dog out and we will see a close up of the note on the side of the table which the owner will pick up which we saw earlier when the owner pined it to the dog, then the screen will go black and the titles will play.

I know that i have to use some of stately Kubrick’s work with in my film and this is what I intend to do. When the owner and the dog walk down the pathway there’ll be some pillars either side of the path as well as flower beds which is very symmetric. I will also include one point perspective which will help the audience feel as if they’re part of the film.

How will it be filmed:

I will be using SONY bridge camera to shoot most of the shots as it has great picture quality, i’ll also will be using a tripod for most of the steady shots as the camera will be stationary for most of the time.

who will be acting:

I have chosen to make myself and my dog the main characters because it gives me all the control and I know what the character needs to do and wear.


I will be shooting this at my local park because it has some great symmetric structures and I know it very well.


I will be editing on Adobe premier as I have good knowledge about it and i can use quite well.


I will attempt to shoot on the 9 of march as I will have plenty time for editing and re-shooting if need be.


Ideas for a Stanley Kubrick film

Whilst watching some of Stanley Kubrick’s films I have noticed that he uses a lot of symmetry within his films and this is what I have to incorporate into my film, as well he uses a lot classical and already made songs in his films, so I will have to find some classical music as this is part of the brief.

My first idea was a man who had lost his wife and he gets vivid flash backs of her and these flash backs turn out to be quite horrific. However I wouldn’t know who to hire to act for these characters.

My second idea was to have a young driver who thinks he’s the best but ends up in an accident. The only trouble with this is trying to film inside of a car which is quite challenging.

The last idea that I thought of was to have a dog dreaming about it’s owner abandoning it and it wakes up as its a dream. The only issue with is trying to get the dog to behave for the right shot.