Planning a interactive video

For this project I have chosen to join a group to film this project as this will help with creating ideas and help with production of the whole thing.

We all sat down and started throwing out ideas and I came up with the idea of making a virtual tour of the East Surrey College as it will be informative and fun to watch and interact.


The idea is to have short shots of different parts of the college and during the the video there will be links on the screen which people have to click on if they want to view the different parts of the college.

Were looking to have a minimum of six short videos which’ll be filmed on a DSLR and we’ll place it on a tripod and we’ll spin the camera around and when the person watching the film wants to go to the certain part of the college there will be a link to that part of the college. We’re not sure what kind of transition were going to use when the person clicks on the link.

Bottom floor:


first floor:


Second floor:


Third floor:


We made a big poster explaining how the links will work




Creative ambitions planning

For this project I have been put in a group with three other people.

We have come up with the idea of making a mockumentary  were we are going to interview each other of what we aspire to be in the future. Whilst the interview is happening  we’ll have b-roll of them working as if they were already a Director etc.

This idea has probably been inspired by the brilliant “the office” as this is a mockumentary and it was very popular and funny to watch.

We have chosen to record most of the b-roll in the colleges green screen room as this has the aesthetics of a TV/movie set. We then have done interviews in a sound mixing room as they have leather seats which help make the interviews seem more professional.