Where did you get your idea? I got the idea from a YouTuber who made a video about the same product going crazy. I got hugely inspired from this as I wanted to make a similar video to this.


What did you want to explore? I wanted to explore the use of a green screen and to learn the skills to operate a camera stabilizer.


What is your personal point of view? I think my project was very ambitious and therefor I did encounter some problems but I was able to overcome them create something that I proud of.


What is your creative point of view? This project brought out loads of creativity out of me as I had to come up with a script, which I’ve never done, I have also learnt how to use a green screen room and created graphics for the Fake News scene. I took a lot of time into making the storyboard, making sure the drawings look good and making sure they’re easy to understand.


What’s your professional point of view? Would be from a camera man and an editing point of view. I think the Fake News clip looked very good as there are good graphics that indicate that it’s a news broadcast.


Is there a topic? The topic I addressed was the use of using AI products that are supposed to help you during life and I wanted to challenge what if the AI was to go crazy.

What research did you carry out? I needed to carried out research which would help me learn new skills and techniques, such as learning the green screen and graphics, also learning how use the camera stabilizer.


Did you look at certain films? And what were they? I looked at films that have the same themes as my trailer.


Did you look at the work of certain film director? Or maybe painters, photographers? I looked at the Director that created the conjuring movies as these are some of the scariest movies to watch but also most creative.


What are your influences? The YouTuber Callux was the biggest influence as he was the one that gave me the idea to make this trailer. I also found that watching scary sort movies was a good way get some ideas for my trailer.


Are there particular approaches to editing, filming, narrative, sets, props, sound, music you feel you’re attracted to? I was quite pleased on how the Amazon Alexa preformed, the blue light that it emitted was bright and noticeable which shows the authority it had in the trailer.


Where there any financial constraints on your filmmaking? I was able to pay for all the props and equipment and I owned some of the stuff which helped to keep the cost down.


What genre is your film? The genre of my trailer is a horror/thriller.


Who’s your audience? My audience for the trailer is for young teenagers and above. This is because a younger audience could find it too scary.


Is there any narrative theory associated with your film? My trailer is non-fictional as somebody couldn’t possess an electronic product.


What are the methods and tools that you’re using? The tools I used for production were my camera, stabilizer and microphone. I used the green screen room to create the Fake News clip and my mac to create the graphics for it.


And – importantly – what are your aims and ambitions in the project? My aim was to make a scary movie, however it tuned into a trailer because of poor filming. I also set out to understand how a camera stabilizer would work.


And …what skills have you challenged? I have challenged my editing skills as I have created a pretty believable Fake News clip. I have also challenged my script writing because I have never done it before and it turned out well.


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