I have chosen the IDEA!!!!!


For my FMP I have decided to chosen the idea the horror/ paranormal film. 

I was pretty sure that I was going to do this from the get go but I thought that I might come up with some other ideas, but I have had this idea for ages and I’ve been planning this concept in my head for ages, and the other ideas I couldn’t come up with good concept for them.

This whole idea was hugely inspired by one video that this YouTuber made, there YouTube name was called Callux. This video was of him getting the Amazon echo and the product going crazy, it starts messing around with his lights, starts talking to him without him asking it and starts cutting off calls that he makes. I thought this idea that he had was great as we don’t actually know what this new Amazon echo can do and that this is the first steps to artificial intelligence and what the problems can be created when making artificial intelligence. Coincidently my parents brought an Amazon echo, so I was testing out it out and I thought that I could make a film about this.

This got me thinking what if I made a horror/ paranormal film about this Amazon product as not many people know about this product and what it does, as well what makes it unique is the that it speaks to you and answers your questions when you talk to it. By combining the idea of Callux of the product going crazy and making a story to why this product went crazy.

This idea fits in well for the word that was given to us “CHANGED”. Changed can be thought as the woman transforming/transferring in to the Amazon echo product. Im also thinking about the child thats in the house changing from being scared of the product to being the one to end the possessed Amazon echo.



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