What I learnt from a professional

From having the the professional come in and tell us about the equipment I have learnt some of the settings the are in cameras like shutter speed and focal length. I thought these were very helpful for him to teach us as I never knew what was the best shutter speed and the best focal length.

I thought that him showing us some of his videos for companies was great as he told us how he shot them and how much time and money that is spent whilst filming.

From him coming in I have learnt that ISO levels go up 100 from not letting in that much light in and 2000 being able to take in a lot of light, however its grainy. The focal length is the opposite F1 not letting that much light to focus and f100/-f100 letting the most amount of light for focus.  I also learnt that the best way make an object focus and the background blurred is to zoom in on the object not place the camera up close.


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