After studying  Stanley Kubrick for a couple weeks now I have gained a lot knowledge on how he creates films and the true extend of how much he researches and plans his films.

The first Stanley Kubrick film I have ever saw was “Full metal jacket”, not actually knowing he directed it, and I thought this is the best war movie that was made. The storyline of this film I think is a work of art, as you get to know each of the characters and you see them go through a change from when they’re training to actually fighting the Viet Cong, but I think the music that is used in the film is great, the music changes the mood in the film and can dramatically change a mood from death and depressing to excitement and craziness.

When we started the Stanley Kubrick project we started of watching Dr. Strange love and we started to look further into why he created this film. Stanley creates Dr. Strange love in a way that we get taken by surprise of who he actually is, he turns out to be a crazy Nazi scientist who still supports the Nazi sceme as he raises his arm like soldiers did to salute Hitler, its ironic that the Americans would employ a German even though they went to war with them, however this did happen in reality America did employ German or ex-narzi scientist as they thought this will help them win the war again if Germany was to start another one.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.46.31.png (wikipedia)

The two most significant Stanley Kubrick films to me are the “The shinning” and “Full metal jacket” these films stood out to me the most because of the story and the pure thriller and action thats in them. The shinning was visually pleasing with its symmetric shots and twisted storyline. I liked this film because of the story, that you can turn insane when your alone, The shining (a telepathic gift) which the son Danny has gives the film  great horror shots, such as the two girls at the end of the corridor, in which help the build up the tension and shock factor. The classical music tracks that Kubrick uses are very powerful they give tension to a sequence of shots and sets the mood for whats going to happen. The shinning did very well in the box office as it grossed $44,017,374 (USA) (31 December 1980) and Stanley had a budget of $19,000,000 (estimated)(IMDb)

The Shining came out in the year 1980 and there were quite a few big films that came out that year films like “star wars: the empire strikes back”, “Friday the 13”, “Airplane” and “Superman 2” there was quite a wide range of films that got made, from superhero movies like Superman to sci-fi movies like “Star wars”. These were very big films and Star wars grossed $290,158,751  (USA) (9 May 1997) (IMDb) which made a whole lot more than “the Shining”.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.50.52.png(Analysis)

Full metal jacket I think is his best movie and best war movie because of the way Stanley represents American soldiers as killing machines but are individually different and have their own personalities. I thought that filming half the film of the soldiers training was good as this showed the tough physical and mental training that the men had to go through, which finally breaks Pvt. Pile when he shoots himself, this part of the film is very interning as this was never really shown in other war movies they either weren’t in the movie or had really short parts. The way Kubrick films the pure violence of the Vietnam war defiantly isn’t for the fate hearted as the shocking scenes such as the gunman in the helicopter shoots vietnamese civilians which is most likely to of happen in the war, other parts such as the two soldiers getting repeatedly shot is very disturbing but it shows the harsh reality that the soldiers went through when they were fighting the Viet Cong. Stanley had filmed Full metal jacket with a budget of $30,000,000  (estimated) (IMDb) and he grossed $46,357,676 (IMDb) 

The shining was released on the 10 July 1987 (IMDb) and other movies that were released at the same time were films like “Jaws the revenge”, “Nightmare on elm street”, “predator” “Robocop”, all these films were action and thriller based and were made to scare and excite people. There was another Vietnam based film called “Good morning Vietnam” which was directed by Barry levinson and grosses  $123,922,370  (USA) (IMDb) more than full metal jacket.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.54.25.png(wikipedia)

Kubrick is properly best known for his work in symmetry. The amount of symmetry he puts in his films is incredible and it gives a unique look when watching them, he also uses one point perspective to show depth and for the audience to focus on a subject. Stanley Kubrick’s films like “The Shining”, “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “A Clockwork Orange”, “Full Metal Jacket”, “Barry Lyndon”, “Eyes Wide Shut” and “Paths of Glory” are examples of how the use of one-point perspective leads the public into the action, as if the three dimensional effect created made the viewer “enter” the scene, instead of seeing it from afar.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 12.04.00.png“Full metal Jacket”(telepathy)Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 12.06.01.png“Full metal Jacket”(Rebloggy)

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 12.08.42.png“2001 space odyssey”(Rebloggy)

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 12.10.04.png“The shining”(Rebloggy)

From studying Kubrick’s work I have begun to enjoy his movies and similar movie like his. The way he makes you feel as if your in the movie by using one point perspective is very cleaver and makes the movie visually more pleasing. I had also liked the way he included different styles of music in his work, especially “Full metal Jacket”, Full metal jacket for me was a great film as the music I thought fitted the scenes because of the way he used the music to make a certain shots seem more heart lighted, when the Americans storm a built up area and start shooting at the place the song “surfing bird” by The Trashmen starts to play, this part of the movie I love because the music kinda of takes the piss out of the situation and shows that the Americans find blowing up a town is funny and they have no consideration for the people that live there.

For the Kubrick style film I know that I have to include one point perspective as this is what Kubrick would of done and also in the brief I have to use classical music.


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