Ideas for a Stanley Kubrick film

Whilst watching some of Stanley Kubrick’s films I have noticed that he uses a lot of symmetry within his films and this is what I have to incorporate into my film, as well he uses a lot classical and already made songs in his films, so I will have to find some classical music as this is part of the brief.

My first idea was a man who had lost his wife and he gets vivid flash backs of her and these flash backs turn out to be quite horrific. However I wouldn’t know who to hire to act for these characters.

My second idea was to have a young driver who thinks he’s the best but ends up in an accident. The only trouble with this is trying to film inside of a car which is quite challenging.

The last idea that I thought of was to have a dog dreaming about it’s owner abandoning it and it wakes up as its a dream. The only issue with is trying to get the dog to behave for the right shot.


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