Evaluation of the week


On that day we got told to research about the Vietnam war and gather some images and we started to watch the opening scene of full metal jacket and Vietnam is where the Full metal Jacket was filmed. We also got taught narrative theory and how it’s used in films.


On Tuesday we went on a school trip to the UAL and got to see some of Stanley Kubrick’s actual work such as props to letters to artists etc. I found this very interesting as it showed me what kind of detail Stanley went into when planning his movies. After we viewed this we went to the Tate modern, which holds a collection of art work, and got to see most of the exhibits. To be honest I didn’t really enjoy it as art work doesn’t interest me in anyway, some of the work there was pointless like how is a toilet art work?, thats why I didn’t take much notice of it.


The last day of the week we got to Finish of our planning for the interactive video and we got to watch some of the Full metal jacket film.


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