The shinning opening scene analysis

  1. How does the film open? the film opened with a still and beautiful scenery with perfect symmetry having mountains either side of the island o the water. The music in the background sounds like evil is coming, sounds like footsteps, which sets up the movie to be a horror movie. When the camera follows the car the road is always in the centre of the screen and there is symmetry with the trees either side of the road.
  2. Describe the shots, count them and describe one by one? the first shot of the lake with the island in the middle and the mountains either side shows us that its set in a remote area somewhere like Canada or Scotland this is telling us that the place of all of whats going to happen is is going to be in a remote area. The second shot is a tracking shot of the yellow car driving through the woods. In the book the car was red but for some reason the car Kubrick used was yellow, apparently to diss the writer who didn’t like movie (creator, 2013). When the camera was tracking the car the road was always in the middle of the screen. The third shot uses the rule of third and we see an interesting shot of the scenery but we can still follow the car driving along the road. Fourth shot zooms in on the car and then camera goes past the car and shorts the surrounding scenery then we start hearing weird sounds like a high pitched out of tuned violin then the opening titles start scrolling up. The fifth shot shows the camera tracking the car from a birds point of view angle and the line on the road symbolises the symmetric surroundings and the continuation of the weird sounds intensifies. The sixth once again uses the rule of third to emphasis the surrounding scenery. The seventh we see the road in the middle of the road again however there is snow on the grass which indicates that there going higher up where snow settles and there is a mountain in the background. The last shot is of the mountain and the cabin, we first see the huge mountain in the background then we start to revise the cabin lower of the the screen which takes us by surprise which Kubrick does throughout the film.
  3. Describe camera work and scenery? There is a lot of bird eye view shots which help us map out how big the place is where the people in the car are going to, it also shows a lot symmetry by having the road acting like a mirror which Kubrick does a ,to in his movies. The scenery thats shot is very spectacular and beautiful which means the place the people in the car are driving to is going to be tranquil and peaceful however the music doesn’t suggest this.
  4. Is there a sense of emptiness? I think the use of the rule of third to show the scenery does emptiness the place where there going to which seems to be a calm peaceful place but comparing this to the music we can tell that something is all right and something sinister is going to happen.
  5. What will the film be centred on?  From the opening scene I think the film could be about a family who are going on vacation with in some sort mountain resort place however something sinister is going to happen to them guessing from the music.
  6. Describe the imagery. Is there any symmetry? Or one point perspective? There is quite a bit of symmetry in the opening scene as the road in most of the shots acts like a mirror, I also thought the island in the lake was used as a mirror because it’s centre of the screen and the mountain are either side of the the island. I don’t think there is one point imagery its mostly rule of third and birds point of view shots.
  7. What does the music suggest? I think the music at the start of the scene is quite creepy as it represents footsteps which could suggest that theres a scene where somebody is chasing or looking for someone. The weird sounds that we then hear are quite sinister and shows feels like demonic being is going to be in the film.
  8. Is there a contrast between music and imagery? I defiantly think there is a contrast in imagery and music as the imagery is a tranquil and peaceful with the mountains and lakes however the music turns it into creepy drive with the thundering base and weird sinister sounds.
  9. What kind of feeling do these portray? It creates a creepy atmosphere and builds up tension for the audience. Creating tension for the audience makes them think of whats going to happen either a jump scare or scene where tension is used scare the audience even if there is nothing happening.

Bibliography:creator, heroicjob (2013) Redit movies. Available at: (Accessed: 21 February 2017).


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