Symmetry location research (The natural environment: Wooden posts)

Research symmetry

The natural environment: Wooden posts

Secondary Research

Location: Harling grove park

Primary research 

Using secondary

Test shots  – Three different perspectives for each

Guidance  (To be complete for each location)

Secondary Research in Class ( To be completed by Monday 20th Feb )

Purpose of research: to whether the wooden posts have symmetry

Name and address of the location: Harling grove park, St Augustine’s Ave, London

Date and time you plan to visit the location: Thursday 23 February

Access to location including legal requirements: no legal requirements, it’s a public park

Health and safety considerations: there are no restrictions

Transport arrangements to location: you have to walk to the location

Does the location have access to power? No

Describe the scene in which the location is to be used: Two people are getting married or declaring their love

Describe location and add photos / video:

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.14.34.png(geography, 2017)

Primary research ( To be completed as homework and submitted on Monday 27th Feb)

Date and time you visited location or plan to visit: Sunday 26 February

Short film & photos of location: (1:12 – 1:32)

Lighting requirements. Think about how this fits with other scenes: Its well-lit by the natural light however if it’s dark there isn’t any light

Are you recording sounds on location; are there any issues in doing this? I was and you can hear the parakeets

Do you need to dress the location? No it’s well kept

Why use this location? This location has great symmetry and has a beautiful scenery

Why not use this location? As it’s a public park there could be people walking into shot when filming

Bibliography (Harvard Referencing)

geography, geograpy (no date) Hailing grove. Available at: (Accessed: 26 February 2017).


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