Symmetry location research (People Dogs sitting on a sofa)

Research symmetry

People: Dogs sitting on a sofa

Secondary Research

Location: inside the house in the living room

Primary research

Using secondary

Test shots  – Three different perspectives for each

Secondary Research in Class ( To be completed by Monday 20th Feb )

Purpose of research: to see if there is symmetry with the dogs sitting on the sofa

Name and address of the location: 24 kings down avenue (inside the house)

Date and time you plan to visit the location: Thursday 23 February

Access to location including legal requirements: There are no legal requirements as it’s in my house

Health and safety considerations: not disability friendly as the stairs to walk up are long

Transport arrangements to location: You can get bus, train, car or walk to it

Does the location have access to power? Yes

Describe the scene in which the location is to be used? The two dogs are watching something

Describe location and add photos / video:

Primary research ( To be completed as homework and submitted on Monday 27th Feb)

Date and time you visited location or plan to visit? Thursday 23

Short film & photos of location. (0:59 – 1:11)

Lighting requirements. Think about how this fits with other scenes: you get a lot of natural light that comes through and there is a couple of electric lights when it’s dark

Are you recording sounds on location; are there any issues in doing this? There isn’t really any sound

Do you need to dress the location? I needed to clean it up a bit as the covers where on the floor

Why use this location? This location is good to use as the dogs feel comfortable in tis area

Why not use this location? It’s quite a small living room

Bibliography (Harvard Referencing)



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