symmetry location research (Architecture – ally way)

Research symmetry

Architecture: Long ally way

Secondary Research

Location – south croydon

Primary research

Using secondary

Test shots  – Three different perspectives for each

Guidance  (To be complete for each location)

Secondary Research in Class ( To be completed by Monday 20th Feb )

Purpose of research: To see whether an all way has symmetry

Name and address of the location: 24 kingsdown avenue CR26QF

Date and time you plan to visit the location: Thursday – 10am

Access to location including legal requirements: easily assessable and it’s a public ally way

Health and safety considerations: not suitable for the disability as there are loads of stairs

Transport arrangements to location: I can walk outside my house and be there

Does the location have access to power? no

Describe the scene in which the location is to be used: Somebody dealing drugs or somebody having a meeting

Describe location and add photos / video:

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 09.40.25.png (Google maps,2017)

Primary research ( To be completed as homework and submitted on Monday 27th Feb)

Date and time you visited location: I visited this place on 20/03/2017

Short film & photos of location. (0:36 – 0:50)

Lighting requirements: Think about how this fits with other scenes: there is a lot of natural light coming through but as night there’s only one street lamp along the path

Are you recording sounds on location: are there any issues in doing this? I did and during the day you can hear cars driving past.

Do you need to dress the location? I didn’t need to dress the location as its quite creepy by its self

Why use this location? This location would be good to film a horror scene or scene where two people are going to meet and exchange information

Why not use this location? This location would be hard to film at night as its very dark

Bibliography (Harvard Referencing)

Google maps (no date) Available at:,-0.1022469,3a,75y,278.77h,90t/data=!3m10!1e1!3m8!1sIOJscxjCOC2pAaf2InGSzg!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656!9m2!1b1!2i17!6m1!1e1?hl=en (Accessed: 20 February 2017).


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