2001 question sheet

Task 1

Describe HAL:

We see HAL as intelligent computer from when he lip reads humans when their talking about them I think he has similar feelings to humans, such as being scared and confused and mostly worried, but then ends up killing the scientists because he’s trying to protect himself against them.

Task 2

what films do you think relate to 2001 and why.

  • starwars- the spaceships look similar to 2001 spaceships
  • Wall.E – the computer onboard ends up taking over/overpowering the humans
  • Interstella- time travel
  • Planet of the apes (old)- the apes taking over the humans


task 3

take screen shots of the film and describe them.


Death-Star-star-wars-4534240-1280-8001.jpgimages.jpegstar wars spaceships and 2001 look the same


Unknown.jpegimages-1.jpegWall-e and 2001 are exactly the same the same red glow is used


image.jpg2001-man-apes.jpgboth 2001 and planet of the of the apes look the same


speed-1.jpgScreen Shot 2017-02-20 at 12.19.44.pngall the flashing lights help create speed and has a extra-terrestial


Task 4

Do you think the film is:

  1. A visual experience: the way he filmed the 0-gravity screen were cleaver as they are hard to make and film and Kubrick pulled it off perfectly
  2. An attempt to predict what life would look like in the year 2001: If Stanley Kubrick did in vision 2001 one like that then it was quite far fetched but I liked the ideas they he came up with and how creative he was with it
  3. The influence of extra-terrestrial on human evolution: UFO sightings could of influenced Kubrick as these were the only extra-terrestrial vehicles he could get inspiration from to create the spaceships in the movie.
  4. What could happen if machines are given too much power: If computers were to get too much power then they could cause serious harm to humans as they would have access to unlimited weapons and information which could wipe out the human race.
  5. A journey (or Odyssey) of mankind towards self knowledge: The way Kubrick filmed the sequence/story of mankind journey was cleaver in the way that we evolved so fast and became the most intelligent beings when we started of as monkeys.

Task 5

Todorov theory:

  1. A state of equilibrium at the outset
  2. A disruption of the equilibrium by some action
  3. A recognition that there has been disruption
  4. An attempt to repair the disruption;
  5. A reinstatement of the equilibrium

Trying to plot a narrative for 2001 and using the todorov theory is quite hard as I haven’t seen the whole movie and i think you have to watch the movie more than once to fully understand what its about.

I can say the first scene with the apes has a equilibrium as everything is calm and nothing is unbalanced, however when the other apes come and disrupt the peace thats the part we know which will unbalance the film , so when the other apes come and mess everything up there then needs to be a reaction to balance of whats happened, so having one of the apes pick up a bone and start smashing animal bones we see that this could the reaction to set everything back to normal, when the ape hits the other ape and kills it we can see that everything is balanced but we know that this is the start of the human race.


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