Exploring sound

Today we did some primary research on how to make a sound track using different objects such as a glass bottle, box of pins etc. this turned out okay however it wasn’t in time with the beat. We then tried to make a creepy sound track with the objects and this turned out quite well as some objects made a slow but unique sound when played on.

Classical pieces that could be used in a movie:

This piece of music is a classical piece designed for dancing however it could also be used for a slow motion killing scene as some action movies have used this type of music to to make a scene funny to watch.

This piece of music would properly be used for a scene in a movie where a girl is having a memory and is very disturbing for her and the audience. I think what makes this music sound most disturbing is the woman and the piano thats playing sounds like a kids play box when you crank it up and let it play.

This piece of music makes me feel as if Im watching a scene where somebody is dying, like war or in a fairytale story of a hero or princess dying.


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