Evaluation on Barton Fink


When given the continuity project it was quite interesting on how we was going to film this sequence from a film. We got a sheet given to us but it was in black and white so it was very difficult to see what was happening in the shot.

Fin was chosen to direct this sequence, however he didn’t do a great job as the rest of the crew were confused on what to do, we then decided to film all the shots that were in the bedroom first as we didn’t know weather we would get the same room to film in again, this meant filming in a different order which also got people confused on what we were doing.

This got me thinking. I wonder if film companies film in a different shot sequence to save time and money and to do this in a bigger scale must take very good planning to make sure that everyone knows what to do.

From doing this project it has taught me a lot about continuity and aesthetics because without these techniques the film doesn’t seem natural. I thought that the group we was working in worked very well because we had the same mind set and ideas as each other


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