Tennis ball activity

The requirement of this activity is was to move four balls in the quickest time possible, however the parameters were that you can’t hold more than one ball except the start, each person must touch the balls in 1,2,3,4 order, the balls must be moving all the time and no props are allowed.

From doing this activity we have learned how to follow the parameters with in the required activity. We first started passing the balls at the same time, however this was too slow compared to the other teams.

Whilst studding the other teams we saw that you don’t necessarily have to pass the ball round in a circle so we started experimenting and I came up with the idea of rolling the balls along the floor and everybody touches the balls in order at the same time whilst their moving. This met all the parameters as

  • The balls are all moving
  • nobody is holding more than one ball
  • everybody touches the ball in order
  • and their are no props involved

This proved to be better as it was faster than our previous idea, but it was still one of the slowest methods compared to the other teams.


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