Production roles

This lot of information was originally a script for what I was going to say but this also counts as research about production roles.


When making any film, or any type of video like a documentary whether its big or small you need a Crew or properly known as a Production team. There are loads of roles when filming and they all have to come together to make the film work.


Some of these roles I will try and explain to you in best way possible.


Not necessarily the most important

  • is the Director. He or she is the main person of the whole production team from Being the driving creative force in a film’s production of visualizing and defining the style and structure of the film, then bringing it to life. To carrying out duties such as casting, script editing, shot composition, shot selection and editing but quite importantly acting as the crucial link between the production, technical and creative teams.


Next and in my opinion without this person there would be no film unless it’s an animated film.

  • The cameraman or camera operator. Without them there would be nothing to see. Which is important to a film because who’s gonna sit in front of a blank screen and listen to audio.

-When on set they must ensure that cameras and associated equipment are rigged and ready for the required shots to be taken.

-the must also work with the Director and Director of Photography to achieve the visual style of the film

-and lastly Manage other department staff and communicate with the actors so they know whether they’re in shot or not.


The third role can be one of the most well paid jobs and they can become famous.

  • Actors.

Actors are key to a film as they Interpret others words in order to bring a script to life and to put blood on characters.

You don’t have to see the Physical side of an actor their voices are used in animation as well like Tom hanks in Toy Story playing Woody.

Actors can range from films, voice overs, commercials, documentaries, talking books and theatre.


This next role is probably the most well paid but unsociable as they mostly stay in a dark room but at the same time without them there would be no film.

  • This is the Film editor. Aside from closely with the Director to craft the finished film they stay in a dark room for long hours and edit all the sound and footage together to make the film flow effortlessly from beginning to end, they also have team of assistants and trainees which help them though this.


The fifth role that I thought was important was the Sound designer

  • The sound designer or sound effects editor provides the sound for screen action.

Sound designers make all sorts of sounds such as gunshots, clocks ticking, doors closing, sounds from nature like a dog barking. These sounds help make the movie feel real and keeps the audience engaged with the film.


The last role that I thought would be essential is the costume designer

  • The costume designer is quite important as they must organise the running wardrobes, they must also design, create or hire all costumes for actors and extras. This is important as the costume tells the audience what time the movie is set in. For example, a cowboy wears a cowboy hat, bandanna, shirt, vest, jeans and boots with spurs on the back of them. Costume designers have to research a bit of history as this gives them an understanding of what people wore in curtain times.


These were just a few roles that I thought were important in a production of a movie but when it comes to making an any movie, documentary etc. all the roles are equally important because one wouldn’t be able to work without the other.


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