visual codes codes

All of the photos are taken by GoPro cameras and are sourced from the internet.

This photo was taken by Chelseakauai

Mise en scene:

Settings and props: The photo is inside a cave with clear water which is helpful as you can see clearly of the woman diving in the water. In the photo we have a boat which shows that  its not accessible by land you have to get the boat there.

Lighting: We see around the edge of the cave its dark which shows that its a really big cave and no light can get in, however there is light shining down at the boat and the sea floor making it look like the light is flowing downwards.

Costume: The man is wearing basic clothes which indicates that he’s a fisherman and he’s a local to the place. The woman is in a bikini which tells us that the water is warm enough to going in without much clothing.

Positioning of the characters: The man is positioned on the back of the boat which indicates that he is the driver and the guide to the cave. The camera has captured the woman in the water just after she has dived as there are bubbles still rising up to the surface and she is also still in a diving position.

Body language: The man’s body language is showing us that he is looking at something so he is watching out for the woman thats diving, The woman is in a diving positioned which shows she wants to dive deep and look for something.


This photo is shot by Jerome fields

Mise en scene:

Settings and props: This photo is taken within a mountain range next to a lake. The props used are a tent which the man has taken the photo in, camping equipment like the sleeping bag.

Lighting/colour: There is only natural lighting which is coming from the sky and all the light is bouncing of the land which shows bright and colourful scenery. There is a lot of colour in this photo from the green grass, blue from the lake and in the back white snow on the mountains, these colours show the diversity of the land.

Costume: The man is in hiking clothes as we can see from the thick trousers he’s got on and a watch/ monitoring system which tells us he is very serious about hiking, however we don’t actually see what he’s wearing

Positioning of the characters: The man is in centre of the of the tent and you can see out of the tent from the man’s point of view.

Body language: We see the man has his arms up and his first two fingers are pointing out towards the mountains this directs the audience to look outside and look at the view which the man is seeing.


This was taken by Jeremy Sciarappa

Mise en scene:

Settings and props: We see that the photo is taken in the air over a beach because of the beach in the background

Lighting/colour: The lighting is quite dull which shows that it was a cloudy day and there wasn’t much sunlight. The only bright colour we see is orange which the man is wearing, this shows us that he’s the person taking the photo.

Costume: They’re all wearing there own clothes which shows that their on a helicopter trip.

Positioning of the characters: The man in the front passenger seat captured everything of whats going on, such as the man in the back only capturing a picture of the beach, so the man in the front is showing off as he has captured the beach and helicopter.

Body language: The man in the orange T-shirt has a smile on his face which tells us that he’s happy and enjoying it. The man in the back is focusing on trying to get a picture of the  beach and we can see the struggle as he has to hold the camera firmly with two hands.



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