Analysis of signs

This sign is a local neighbourhood watch sign which tells us to “look out” as you could be being watched. They have put “look out” in big bold words to catch the attention of the public, also the use of different colour draws the public to the sign as its bright and stands out. The picture of the Meer cats is a representation of what the neighbourhood is like, such as a family, they look out for each other.

I chose this sign as it has a lot of authority  and power because it can deter criminals from doing things like robbery etc.


Next this sign is telling the same sort of story but has a bit more caution about it. Its telling us that “Police sting vehicles operate in this area” which means Police are deterring criminals by saying they operate in this area, however this could also mean that the street isn’t safe as there are criminals about and its warning neighbours about it.

So I took the photo because I thought it was a great way to deter criminals/thieves as the sign tries to scare them by saying that police operate there.


The third picture I took was this sign which means there’s no turning up ahead which is very helpful for car users as the sign helps them establish that there is no turning at the end of the road.

I took the picture because I thought it was helpful for car users as they wouldn’t of been able to tell whether you can turn at the end of the road.


My last photo I took was these signs on the gate. the one on the left tells us very clearly that nobody should be parking in front of the gate, indicted by the text and the big bold letters that are used, the one on the right tells us that its private property and that no one should be entering, this is shown by the drawing of a person and has got a line going across it.

I took these photos because I thought that the person living there is very serious about there privacy and they have taken their own procedures to ensure nobody disrupts their privacy.



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