Soapbox reflection

The quick soapbox task was quite good as it got us thinking about certain issues and how we should address the audience.

I decided to make a soapbox on University and how it’s a scam. My original idea was to have me in front of the green screen and saying the points like it was a teleshopping programme, however I find it hard talking directly at the camera so I kept messing up so in decided to give up, also my script wasn’t that good. I then resulted to just sitting down in-front of the camera and just talking about the points that I wrote down, then i would go on to say the good things about Uni, whilst talking I would bring up GIFs that would relate to the thing I was talking about.

My main points were to discuss about:

  • Student debt
  • stress
  • Drugs

With these points I would explain the consequences that come with them and I would relate each point which would relate to the next point.

I got some feedback from the class and they said that I should of talked about the good things about Uni first then go on to saying the bad things about Uni as this will help put across a point and would leave the video on a low rather than a high.


Ideas for Diverse city

My idea is to have a live 30-45-minute show with adverts that shows and tells the audience top 5 things in the UK.

There will also be a studio in which the presenters can chat about what they’re going to discuss, just like they do in the gadget show and top gear where they discuss the topic.

The studio will also have a live audience so that the hosts can talk and engaged with the audience about certain topics.

There will also be a Twitter page live and people can message the hosts about what they thought about the top 5 and they can throw in some suggestions.

This will mainly be for younger audiences between the age of 18 – 25 as the top 5 things will be mainly convenient to the younger audience. These top 5s will be things like, best clubs in the UK, best clothes shops, stuff that relate to the youth culture.

There would be a few hosts on the show as each of them will have a certain topic to talk about, for example one host will talk about clothes, another about music, gadgets stuff that keeping the topic similar to what they’re talking about.


  • Clubs
  • Bars
  • CDs
  • Events
  • Festivals


  • Cheap clothes store
  • Best designer shops
  • Online shops
  • Best places to shop

Motor vehicles:

  • Cars
  • Bikes
  • Transport
  • New modes of transport


  • Cheap gadgets
  • Gadgets for phones
  • To make your life easier


Layout of the show:

In the studio

(explaining what’s coming up in the shop)

First host introduces their Topic and what they’re going to talk about

Plays the pre-recorded clip of the certain topic


Back in the studio recapping what the pre-record was about

Chat to the audience and people on twitter

Next host presents their topic

Watch the pre-record of the topic


Recap the pre-record

Chat to the audience and twitter

Next host presents their topic

Watch the pre-record topic



This will keep the same pattern through-out the show and by the time the shows slot finished all the hosts would of discuss their topic.

Audience profiling

This link shows the top 20 TV programs that were watched in the UK. My task is to try and identify the audience that watch these show.

“The Great British Bake Off,” BBC1: 15.9 million viewers. “Bake Off” was miles ahead of the competition and hands down the biggest show on British TV in 2016. The audience of nearly 16 million was its highest on record, meaning it bowed out on top ahead of its move to Channel 4.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 11.54.41.png

Gender: Female

Age: 35-55

Class: middle- class, White collar people

I think this is acceptable, although it might be stereotypical, most females watch these sort of cooking/baking shows as it gives them some inspiration maybe and to take the cooks ideas for meals etc.


“Strictly Come Dancing,” BBC1: 13.3 million viewers. The final episode of the ballroom dancing competition scored its biggest audience since 2011.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 14.56.14.png

Gender: Female

Age: 37+

Class: middle to upper class

I think that these are the type of people that watch this show as a teenager wouldn’t want to watch old fashioned dancing. I also think that this is attracted to women more as they are stereotyped by liking dance and this type of dance.

“Gogglebox,” Channel 4: 5.8 million viewers. Who knew that watching people watching telly would be so popular?

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 14.56.41.png

Gender: Male and Female

Age: 16+

Class: middle-class

I think that this is the type of audience that watch this programme as it’s quite humours for all ages and the programme is like a mirror, you seemed to connect to the people you watching as you’re doing what they’re doing on the TV.


“Celebrity Juice,” ITV2: 2.1 million viewers. The comedy panel show has been on ITV2 for eight years and still posts big numbers.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 14.57.57.png

Gender: Male and Female

Age: 16-30

Class: middle-class

I think this is quite an interesting TV show as it has some really strong scenes in them and sometimes pushes below the belt. It’s an 18 plus to watch however younger people tend to watch it as it makes them laugh, this goes for adults as well they can understand the dark humour that is used sometimes and some of the more mature themes.


“Love Island,” ITV2: 1.8 million viewers. The second season of the dating show, hosted by Caroline Flack, proved to be a big hit for ITV’s youth channel.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 14.58.10.png

Gender: male and female (mainly female)

Age: 16-30

Class: middle-class

The people that watch this programme are quite young because the people that are on the show are similar age and therefore the audience can relate to the people on the show, it’s also quite interesting to watch because it’s never been done before which makes it unpredictable.


“The Big Bang Theory,” E4: 3.1 million. Another superior import from America, the sitcom was the biggest show on a pay-TV or specialist channel in 2016.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 14.56.53.png

Gender: Male and Female (mainly male)

Age: 16-25

Class: middle-class

I think people that watch this are quite knowledgeable and have some aspects or background on science. I also think that this attracts younger audiences as the cast are fairly young and they appeal to certain people at their age.


“Top Gear,” BBC2: 6.4 million viewers. Chris Evans’ new version of the motoring show started strongly, but it was all downhill for the rest of the series.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 14.56.32.png

Gender: Male

Age: 20-60

Class: middle to upper

I think this because men normally love their cars and motors and also when top gear had their old cast on it was mainly men in the background as the audience. This is more suited to an older generation because there’s a lot of words that associate to cars and different types of motors which younger generation may not understand.

Profiling exercise

Yesterday we done an activity with our tutor which involved us picking at random labels. On these labels, they had different words on them, such as convict, gay, straight, white black etc., with these labels we had to write down what people thought of us, my label was “disabled”. I wrote down

  • Can a disabled person still have sex?
  • Do they milk their disability?
  • Can they take a joke when someone insults them about their disability?

After I wrote these we were told to exchange our views with other people and I chose to exchange info with the person that had the disability. Some of the things that i wrote down were things that he had been asked and he agreed with the things I wrote down so this goes to show that these are serious issues and that people know of them but chose to ignore them.

After we done that we were given an envelope corresponding to our labels and inside was a piece of paper which had a few sentences. On the paper was a brief bibliography of somebody with disability and what their life is like. On mine it said that a woman of 37 had spinal problem and she has to make improvements to her car so she can drive normally but she is still happy with her life. After everybody read their pieces of paper out we all started to realise that although these people have things wrong with them they are still like any other person