4-6 October 2017 review

This week we have just been finishing and catching up on our work and I have made a power point explain about my TV pilot proposal.



TV pilot Proposal

Chapter 4


Chapter 4 “College” is five-part TV series split up in chapters. In these chapters, we watch a boy grow from birth to adolescence and chapter 4 “college” is the time where we see him enter college and we see him try and change himself into someone that is cool, however we know that he’s not, he’s actual quite geeky and we see him slowly lose the cool guy act and it all starts to fall apart.


In these chapters the boy always has these two friends that stick by him and they’re normally played by the same characters and have the same personality’s, personalities being mainly geeky and not that very sociable, however in these episodes when he becomes friends with them he tries not to interact with them as much as it can ruin his cool guy act that he’s putting on therefore he must push them away to make sure other people don’t know that he’s actually a geek.

It all starts to fall apart when the bully of the class that the boys in starts digging him out trying to pick at him, the boy tries to act all tough and tries to stand up to the bully however when he does it backfires.


Billy the main character is the boy that we see grow into adolescent and has a pretty crappy time in school as he is always bullied by his geekiness however he’s very bright and caring person. He’s two friends Jack and John who are both geeky as each other looked to Billy as their leader because of he’s caring personality. Sam who’s the bully is one with the ladies but has a split personality and he can turn nasty very quickly and you don’t want to be in his way when he’s in a bad mood.


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Task 1 investigating genre and narrative

I have decided to make my case study on the genre comedy/sitcoms because of its hilarious jokes and funny skits, but also the characters which we become to love because of the way they’re presented in the shows.

Comedy TV shows were really popular in Britain as they normally would take the piss out of social classes and would take the mickey out of people in them classes. These TV shows were really popular in the late 1900 because it was the time where TV was becoming a big thing and more people were able to afford TVs which meant broadcasters had to make shows which could relate to all people.

There was a lot of popular comedy TV shows like…

Only fools and horses

This show was about two brothers one called Derek “Del Boy” Trotter who is a fast-talking market trader living in South London with his younger brother, Rodney. In order to try to get rich, the brothers dabble in black market trading through an unregistered company they own, Trotters Independent Trading Co. But many of their deals end up backfiring on them. (Imdbcom, 2017)

This TV show was great when it came out because the characters were very relatable to most people mainly lower class citizens.


The Inbetweeners

This TV show follows the story of four teenagers in six form experiencing life and adolescence. They are group of friends that are in-between being nerdy and normal and so they do get it rough sometimes from other characters.


With most British comedy shows they never stuck to one character you would follow a group of characters, most of the time they would be a group of friends or family, each with their individual story’s that audience can relate to or emphasis with.

The settings that the characters are in are just everyday places and they mostly consist of places like the living room or a pub places where all the characters can get together just like in only fools and horses the pub was always a place where the Trotter brothers would find themselves in situations and this is where most of the drama and comedy was made. The characters play a huge part. When theres a group of characters they normally have the typical personalities one being the cool guy, one as the nerdy one, another the weird one and someone thats just in-between all them three personalities. Once the audience recognise which character is which people start to understand what situations some of the characters find harder than the other.


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week 2 review

Week two we watched the handmaid’s tale a TV program about a dystopian future were infertility is a big problem and nobody can give birth apart from some women. I thought this film was better than I expected it showed mystery and a lot of drama which kept me engaged.

Later on we got given the task to watch the opening sequence to the matrix and we had to figure out what made it a Si-Fi genre film. From the beginning you can start to realise that it’s a Si-fi as the Warner Brothers logo was green, green being the colour of old technology like the old computer screens, also we see random numbers being displayed on the film which shows us that it has to be about computers. Further in we see some unnatural activity when we meet a woman who is really good at martial arts and seems to define the laws of physics as she can jump great distances that no other normal human can.

After watching the matrix we then watched the film Children of men which is a dystopian future set in 2027 where infantility is at its highest, and there are rebels fighting the government so that they can stop the destruction of the planet. For this we had to see what makes it a Si-Fi film and we noticed all the electronic advertisements on the busses and on the buildings which indicate that thats it’s in the future.

Towards the we had the assignment to plan and pitch a Si-Fi film. This task was designed so that it got us thinking how we would perceive our short pilot film and to suggest to the audience what genre of film we’re making.